Redefining Your Adult Boutique Store For A Modern Playful Experience

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For many years, the adult store experience was the only way consumers were able to satisfy their desires and sexual expression with video, lingerie, toys and accessories. Today all of those needs in a profound way are being served through ecommerce and online web sites thus changing the industry and profitable business models. However with change comes new opportunity. 

The store experience has increasingly become more about touching and feeling the products, modern merchandising categories and leaning on the expertise of the staff. Yes, there is a strategy for convenience in high dense markets but in order to compete and succeed other shopping benefits and expertise are needed.

If you're a boutique retailer of adult merchandise looking to modernize your store and shift towards a focus on sexual wellness rather than being overtly sexual, here are some tips to help you:

1. Rebrand your image: Consider rebranding your store to reflect a more inclusive and modern approach to sexual wellness. Choose a name and logo that convey a positive, welcoming, and non-exploitative atmosphere.

Pastease recently rebranded to focus on self celebration, where everyday is a reason to feel good in the skin you're in.  Over covid, we learned a lot of women did not need or want to wear a bra everyday and with Pastease they were able to have fun with wearing something that was usually just for them, to 'put a pep in your step' in the ordinary routines of the day.  Since then, this sentiment has carried over and women everywhere are having fun flirting with themselves by wearing Pastease that reflect their mood from the inside, out!

2. Revise your product selection: Focus on products that promote sexual well-being, education, and empowerment. Include items like body-safe sex toys, lubricants, educational books, sexual health products, and accessories that enhance intimacy and communication.

Pastease products are great way for couples to make flirty fun in and out of the bedroom.  Whether a quick flash on a long road trip or a pair left on the nightstand and as a playful hint, they're a fun and cost effective way to introduce spontaneity into a customer's romantic life.  

3. Provide educational resources: Offer informative materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and books on sexual wellness, consent, communication, and sexual health. You can also organize workshops or invite guest speakers to educate customers about various aspects of sexual wellness.

Educating your staff to make approachable use suggestions of Pastease products is a great way to sell lots of Pastease.  They're also an ideal impulse purchase that easily adds up total average order value in a store. 

So encourage creativity among your staff when it comes to use suggestions!  Whether just peaking out from a bikini top, barely visible under a semi sheer top, an unexpected costume accessory or a big reveal at the end of a date night, the flirty fun possibilities are virtually endless.

4. Create a comfortable environment: Redesign your store to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Use neutral colors, soft lighting, and comfortable seating areas where customers can browse and discuss products. Encourage an open and non-judgmental environment for discussions.

Likewise, Pastease own re-brand has focused on a warm, feminine color pallet that makes it approachable to a broader audience that might not expect pasties to be for them. 

5. Train your staff: Ensure that your employees receive comprehensive training on sexual wellness, product knowledge, and customer service. They should be well-informed, sensitive, and able to provide accurate information and guidance to customers in a professional and non-judgmental manner.

Like all good sales tactics, education and experience is tantamount to a good and relevant upsell.  Your staff should always be cross-promoting and pairing all your offerings together.  

Pastease pair perfectly with all things lingerie, costume, festival and rave so, make sure no staff member is holding back on all the accessorizing and pairing suggestions that are possible across your inventory.

6. Collaborate with experts: Establish partnerships with sexual wellness educators, therapists, or other professionals in the field. They can provide insights, host events, and offer consultations to customers, further promoting the focus on sexual well-being.

Using Pastease as a promotional item to drive up average order value is a no-brainer.  What better way to $50-$100 to an order than offer a free pair of Pastease for a targeted spend amount?!

7. Engage with the community: Participate in community events, sponsor local initiatives, and support relevant organizations. This involvement helps create positive associations and positions your store as a trusted resource for sexual wellness.

Certain organizations and fundraiser events over the years have had fun offering Custom Pastease as a giveaway or prize item or included as part of a VIP bag.

8. Emphasize inclusivity: Ensure that your store caters to customers of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds. Offer a diverse range of products that address various needs and preferences, promoting inclusivity and embracing individual differences.

With over 400 styles to choose from, Pastease has an offering for every type and occasion.  Everyone is sure to find the style to suit their outfit, mood or character of the day!

9. Leverage online presence: Develop a user-friendly website where customers can discreetly browse and purchase products. Offer educational content, blog posts, and product reviews to enhance your online presence and provide a comprehensive resource for sexual wellness information.

Similar to staff upsell suggestions and in store merchandising, pairing suggestions and upsell offers on your store website are just as vital in driving higher average order value.

10. Solicit customer feedback: Regularly seek feedback from your customers through surveys, reviews, or in-store comment cards. Actively listen to their suggestions, concerns, and preferences to continually improve your offerings and ensure customer satisfaction.

Most everyone has a great idea for a new Pastease style and they love to share them!  We love to hear about your ideas and your customers ideas too.  Plus, its just a great way for staff to connect with your customer base.  Feel free to share all the great design ideas with us at!

Remember, the goal is to create an environment that promotes sexual wellness, education, and empowerment while making customers feel comfortable and supported in their journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling sexual life.  Whether its Pastease or any other line of fine products in your store, make sure your staff is focused on creating and providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for couples and women especially and then you you'll be able to watch your profits sore with your overall customer loyalty and satisfaction!