Are they waterproof?

Yes! But they will start to peel away if your skin has any kind of lotion, oil or sunscreen around your nipples. Apply the sunscreen after the Pastease.


How do they stick?

Pastease® nipple covers use a latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that is safe for skin. Simply peel off the backing, position and stick for instant FUN!


Will the adhesive irritate my skin?

The majority of Pastease® wearers showed no signs of skin irritation when removed gently at the end of use. All Pastease adhesive products are latex-free.

What is the best way to remove Pastease® for more sensitive skin?

One way is to apply a spot of Pastease® All-Natural Sexy Fun Stick Balm to the ends of the nipples BEFORE applying Pastease. A favorite lip balm or lotion could also do the trick! If you forget to do that, another way to remove them is to apply oil or lotion around the Pastease and let it absorb into the surrounding skin. Then, gently peel away the Pastease and add more oil or lotion to the exposed areola as desired.

Will the cops give me a ticket for wearing my Pastease® in public?

Probably not. Generally, as long as you aren't being lude or inappropriate, all the cops will do is stare. In most states the law says that as long as your areolae are covered you're safe from harassment by law enforcement. Check for your state's specific laws here.

When properly applied, Pastease® will stay on in most any condition. Pastease® are skin safe but can cause minor irritation after extensive wear. Discontinue use if you have irritation. DO NOT USE if you have sensitive skin, open cuts, depigmentation issues or sun-burned skin. Have fun but use Pastease® at your own risk.